[L&I] A LED Candle – A Brush Candle

When I observed the candle light, I tried to defuse the light with several materials.

(At first I wanted to use the other Neopixel ring and Jewel together, but I realized that Jewel is RGBW and the other one is RGB. So I desoldered those. If I want to use them together, I think I should use separate pins for each LED modules.)

1.Acrylic half-transparent

  • It looks great, well defused.

2. Blue liquid – It was my cold medicine.

I would like to make a blueish color for the bottom of the flame.

3. Brush

  • I like it the most because I wanted to make a shape of the flame and light. Because of the hair, the light spreads smoothly and vertically.

Hayeon Hwang(@hayeonhwang)님이 게시한 동영상님,

I wanted to try to make the different oval shape depending on the movement or environment.

CALM: long, less movement, slow …

ACTIVE: short, fast, flickering …



I bought these paint brush from Homedepot.



Using only 3 LEDs of the 7LEDs, I wanted to express the color of the flame.

I tried to use Interval.h library to set different timer(slow and fast movement). But in this code the library is not that necessary. I made functions for Interval.h, but I did not used it.

(Q. piezo has some noise value 0, I tried to remove the value so that I added ‘val’ to ‘pval'(previous value) and if the result is bigger than 3(minimum value), it moves fast.(state==2). But sometimes there are two continuos 0 noise value. So It was not well filtered. I would like to know how I can remove the noise value effectively.)

I am still working with the code…I hope to make it to gently change for two status.

  • Long and short

  • speed of movement


It was Really difficult to take pictures to show real colors.


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  1. Tom Igoe

    OMG these are beautiful. Can’t wait to see them in person.

    Post your code for classmates to see, and comment it. There’s plenty for folks to learn from there, I imagine.

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