[S&T] week 1

<Talking to my mom in Korean via phone>


me : I could not do homework yet and feel exhausted. I think I got a cold a bit.
mom :
me : uh, I have so many things to do but I did have much progress than I expected.
mom :
me: I took the many classes which are too different, I couldn’t focus one subject.
mom :
me: I am not satisfied all the projects that I am working on.

mom : how about the new house?
me : everything is good.
mom : Are your roommate also there?
me : No she is not moving yet.
mom : why?
me : Because she is also busy.

-> murmuring, not clear, small sounds short, comfortable, whining, long pause, short sentence

I feel like I did not need to open my mouth big because I know she can understand all my saying.


<Talking to my friend in English via phone>

Compared to the conversation with my mom, I had a higher pitch and louder. but there are many English errors and stammered to fix English error. I did not know I made many self-collections during the conversation. (I said twice as a habit because I know I made mistakes in English.) Generally, feel and the mood is much brighter. Sometimes I need to explain again if she did not get it what I am saying.


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